Dalaal Diam

Natural Lodge • Sénégal

What if real luxury ... was space?

  • No fence, no surrounding walls, no border ...

    • Horizon is the only limit!

      Our Lodge is located in a 20-acre property, along the Somone laguna.

      A protected natural reserve with a 360 degree panoramic view over the savanna, baobabs woods and the Guereo hills.

      • Discover our Lodge

        The Lodge Dalaal Diam is not just a simple hotel. It's a authentic creation, a program, an adventure, an experience...

        It's an architectural vision, it's an oasis of wildlife protection...

        Horus Bioclimatic Suite

        1400 square feet, 2 bedrooms, bathroom with shower, aquatic living room

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        Loft Observatory Osiris

        Loft of 538 square feet with a fantastic panoramic view
        private bathroom with shower and toilets on first floor

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        Bungalow Ahmès

        Bungalow of 538 square feet - 1 bedroom,
        living room with an american kitchen
        bedroom with bathroom with shower and toilets

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        5 different types of bedrooms from 215 to 668 square feet.
        with a tropical garden and pool with fishes.

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